Viruses and animal butchering

It is a new year, with the same problems.
With the recent news of a COVID-19 vaccine, people seem all too ready to put COVID-19 behind them. Unfortunately, research shows that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and has in fact mutated.

We as a species have a short memory, but a long history of animal exploitation. This isn’t the first time humanity has been plagued by a virus.

The Flu and you

The flu wreaks havoc on us every year. But the 1918 flu pandemic(H1N1) infected one-third of the worlds population and killed over 50,000,000(50 million) people!

Researchers believe that the flu virus was originally an avian virus that crossed over to humans. Close contact between humans and animals (agriculture, meat industry, animal markets, etc) resulted in unsanitary conditions. From an infectious disease standpoint, this is a “perfect storm” scenario, where viruses can easily mutate and infect humans.

A Petri Dish by another name

The conditions in the meat industry act as a petri dish that meat-loving consumers readily pump money into.

Conditions for animals and workers are terrible. There are blood and guts from cows, chickens, pigs, and whatever agricultural slave/ flavor of the day is being freshly dispatched (a culinary word for killed) by meat industry workers.

No one leaves the murderous encounter unscathed. Meat industry workers have a high incidence of mental health disorders, due to guilt from dispatching the animal, and working conditions.

Carcasses and Capitalism

Go plant-based today.

Whether it’s HIV or COVID-19, it’s the people in the meat industry and the customers who enable them, who unknowingly act as ground zero for the viruses that plague humanity.

For the covid conspiracy theorists: You can shut down all of the LABS ALL OVER THE WORLD, and we will get ANOTHER Pandemic. 

Why? Because humans:

-slit the unsanitary throats of animals
-skin their unsanitary bodies
-and breed them in unsanitary, crowded conditions

Vote for a better future with your wallet. Don’t support an industry that endangers the health of humanity.


Your future self will thank you.

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