Happy New Year

Dear Venturians,

It’s been a long year. I’d love to tell you how I’ve been coping with COVID-19.

I take a 10 min bike ride daily. I must catch at least one wave a day. Surfing has become religious for me. In these uncertain times, relationships matter more than ever.

I talk to my mom every day, checking in on her. I kiss my girlfriend twice a day. It’s what keeps me mentally healthy.

During quarantine, I’ve been learning how to:

  • Play neo-soul on guitar and have begun to practice harmonizing with myself on a loop machine.
  • Make rotis and have started a oil-free whole-food plant-based diet with B12.
  • Lost weight and gained enough energy to skateboard, pull my groin, sprain my fingers, heal wonderfully and get back to skateboarding again. The youthful energy at the skate parks rejuvenates me!
  • Beach yoga at twilight is heavenly and so is the photography.
  • I’ve gotten my first dose of COVID-19 and can’t wait for you to get yours.

Please wear your mask and don’t congregate.

Sincerely yours,

Udit Kondal MD MPH
Family Doctor

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