About Udit

Udit Kondal MD MPH is a Ventura county based Board Certified Family Medicine Physician. He graduated from Drexel University College of Medicine, Board Certified in Family Practice (ABFM), and magna cum laude from Columbia University NY.

A move from New York to California, along with personal reflection and research into meat industry practices led to radical new beliefs towards food.

Seeing the benefits of a whole-food plant-based diet himself, he regularly counsels patients on their diet as part of their treatment. However, he believes that the best medicine is preventative medicine, and that good(or bad) health starts with what we eat.

Leisure time

In his down time, Udit enjoys:

  • Surfing. A great way to prevent Physician Burnout.
  • Writing and producing music. A bass player since adolescence, he was even a frontman in a metal band back in NYC.
  • Doing Standup comedy. He is still very much an amateur though 🙂